Prosperity Agenda Radio Show Focuses on Detroit Turnaround

Please take a few minutes to check out the latest edition of the Prosperity Agenda radio show at the end of this post.  My co-host is Marge Sorge, executive director of the Detroit Regional News Hub, an organization dedicated to connecting journalists to stories, people, and organizations that are transforming Metro Detroit. Marge talks about a recent gathering in Detroit of journalists from around the world that was hosted by the Hub and the positive impression that many came away with the turnaround happening in the city.

Jennifer Conlin grew up in Ann Arbor and has been a journalist since 1984. She recently returned to Ann Arbor after living overseas for twenty years. She is a regular contributor to the New York Times and recently wrote a story about the influx of young creative types that are moving to Detroit.

Keith Zendler moved to Detroit from Pleasant Ridge and realized he loved the city. He now lives in the Boston-Edison Historic District and is CEO and founder of, an online effort to connect community resources.

Kirsten Ussery is the final guest. She serves as president of the board of directors at the Villages Community Development Corporation, a vibrant neighborhood on the eastside of Detroit. She is also media coordinator for the Office of Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh.