Placemaking in Small Towns; Five Case Studies

Twitter follower Mike Knutson asked me today for some information on placemaking initiatives in small communities. Placemaking, like most community based efforts, often gets categorized as a big city thing. But, placemaking is an amazing tool and mindset for small towns, too.

Mr. Walkability Dan Burden in Lapeer

Attached is a link to a report by the Michigan Municipal League on our efforts to assist five communities in Michigan with their own placemaking programs. Working off of the research and findings of the League’s Center for 21st Century Communities (21c3), the projects helped these communities identify their own community assets and begin to leverage them appropriately. The report outlines what work was done in each community and provides a brief synopsis of what is being planned moving forward.

Historic Anchor at the Great Lakes Heritage Maritime Museum in Alpena

For more information please contact Heather Van Poucker Happy reading.

Link to the 21c3 report