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The Prosperity Agenda: Arts and Culture Essential to Placemaking

This month’s Economics of Place radio show on News/Talk 760 WJR centers around the important role arts and culture has on developing vibrant places. The show airs 7 p.m. July 25, but you can listen anytime League’s website or by subscribing to the iTunes podcast. We have some outstanding guests including Rodney Stokes, Governor Rick Snyder’s special adviser on placemaking. Stokes was recently appointed to this position and will work with cities on projects such as ensuring the availability of green space and enhancing recreational opportunities. Other guests talking about the importance of arts and culture in a community are show co-host Ron French, a senior writer for Bridge magazine and former Detroit News reporter; Brad Frost, a Detroit Revitalization Fellow at the Detroit Institute of Arts; and Julie Pingston, senior vice president of the Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau. To learn more about placemaking come back frequently to this blog: The Economics of Place, and you can also check out the state of Michigan’s new placemaking resources website, and our book, The Economics of Place: The Value of Building Communities Around People, available on