Another Placemaking Award- Complete Streets, Placemaking & Other New Urban Ideas

I just became aware of another placemaking award. This one – via Placemaking Paladin – looks to feature projects around food, comfort, and creativity. The ground rules are simple. Entries are due December 31. Check it out. Details in the announcement and at the link below.

Announcing the creation of the Triad of Placemaking Award.

Any community group that has ventured into (will be venturing into) the world of placemaking during 2012 may submit their project for consideration.

The Triad will be given to the project that best combines all 3 aspects of placemaking: Food (anything from potluck meals to food trucks), Comfort (seating, shade, the ability to simply chill) and Creativity (use of space, materials used, events held, activities that engage people’s intellect/imaginations).

To be considered, please email 3 photographs (before, during and after completion), along with 3-5 paragraphs describing the project to: Projects must have run/be running by/during December 31st, 2012. Details and photographs must be emailed/received by January 15th, 2013.

Triad winner will be announced February 2nd, 2013. All projects will be posted on the Placemaking Paladin blog.