ATTN: Urbanists, Traffic Engineers, City Planners: History is the Best Teacher


I have blogged before about the problems that we caused when we stopped building our neighborhoods for people and started building them for cars. The example that I used in the post that is linked above was a comparison of Queen Street West in Toronto with Michigan Avenue in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit.  The short piece seemed to catch people’s attention and was widely read and shared with other networks.

Recently, local Corktown blogger did me one better. In his Corktown History blog he painstakingly traced the history of Michigan Avenue and the impact that its many reinventions have had on the neighborhood. The resulting blog post is nothing short of required reading for planners, architects and urban enthusiasts. The lessons learned are many and their importance extend way behind a small neighborhood in Detroit’s near west side.

Great work, Paul. And an awesome video find, too!