If you are a placemaker, an aspiring pop up retailer, and you Tweet then you may want to check out this event

Attention All Placemaking+Pop Up Retail+Twitter Enthusiasts:

On Tuesday, the grassroots focused organization Let’s Save Michigan will host its second Twitter-based conversation, bringing together experts in an open dialogue about placemaking. The first event was themed around transportation. This time, the focus in on pop up placemaking.

Four amazing advocates (two each from Pittsburgh and Detroit) with unique backgrounds in pop up retail, urban redevelopment, start-ups, and neighborhood building will share their insights and interact with participants during the Twitter conversation. Whether you want to start your own pop up or generally are interested in urban revitalization, join in on Tuesday, March 19th from 1-2 by following the hashtag #LSMpopups.

The Experts

You can follow Let’s Save Michigan at @LetsSaveMich, and the experts (full bios via the link above) are at @DEGCAllBusiness (Michael), @talia_piazza, and @LeadershipPgh (Kristen).

In the meantime, LSM welcomes your input and questions. Tweet with #LSMpopups between now and the event, and they’ll ask the panelists next week.

Their first event reached over 80,000 Twitter accounts. Here’s to making it even more this time!