Futbol and the Rebuilding of a Community

Want to check out an inspirational story today? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

It may not quite be on the scale of a romance novel, but the story of the Detroit City Futbol League (DCFL) is sure to make a lasting impact on anyone who is looking to create a sense of place in their own community. While it lacks in love triangles and crimes of passion, the DCFL story more than makes up for it with lots of other great stuff like:

  • Competition
  • Futbol (soccer to you and I)
  • Community Engagement
  •  Urban Turnaround
  •  Neighborhood Building through active participation
  •  Physical Fitness (kind of)
  •  International intrigue (work with me)
  •  Detroit

C’mon. What more could you ask for?

This link from the Michigan Municipal League explains how and why the soccer league got started, its explosive growth, and the positive impacts the participants have made in the community. There are also “how to” tips on how others can start similar programs in their own hometowns.

My colleague Sean Mann founded the league and authored the linked study. As a follow-up to the DCFL Sean and a group of friends went one step further and brought minor league soccer to Detroit in 2012, adding another eclectic and spirited foray into the cultural fabric of the city (see the video below). Every ‘place’ should have a Sean!