The Prosperity Agenda: Partnership for Place

prosperity-agenda-thumbThe Michigan Municipal League has been saying for quite some time now that the state’s system for funding municipalities is a broken system. Lawmakers and others have asked for our proposed solutions and we’ve recently answered those requests with the release of our Partnership for Place Agenda. This policy agenda proposes a commitment of action in partnership between the State and its municipalities that will facilitate Michigan’s economic growth and allow for the development of places to provide key services and amenities that contribute to a high quality of life. It focuses on a more regional approach to service delivery, which would change the way services are provided, how resources are dedicated, and how systems are supported. Approved by the Michigan Municipal League Board of Trustees in June of 2013, this policy agenda proposes actions that will re-establish a partnership for prosperity in four key areas: Funding the future; Michigan in Motion; Place for Talent; and Strength in Structure. Read more about the agenda here and here. This Partnership for Place plan is so important that we dedicated this month’s Prosperity Agenda Radio show to this topic. My co-host for the show is Detroit News reporter Chad Livengood and our guests are the League’s Samantha Harkins, Paw Paw Village Manager Larry Nielsen and Berkley Councilmember and League Board Member Steve Baker. Our October show is set to air 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013. You can also listen to it anytime at the  League’s website or by subscribing to the FREE iTunes podcast. Learn more about the placemaking concept here as well as on this blog.