The Prosperity Agenda: National Media Shines the Spotlight on Detroit

prosperity-agenda-thumbDetroit is becoming the underdog story that the nation, it seems, can’t get enough of and that’s the focus of this month’s Prosperity Agenda radio show on News/Talk 760 WJR. Detroit was recently ranked by one website as among the top 10 downtowns in America. It was profiled on CNN, PBS and NPR. These articles are increasingly becoming more positive tales of the revival happening in Detroit and less about the problems and more about the solutions. What’s happening in Detroit is inspiring so we decided to talk with the people who have written some of these national articles. My co-host for the show is Detroit Free Press columnist Nancy Kaffer and our guests are Sean Rhiney, former managing editor of Model D’s sister publication in Cincinnati, Soapbox; Jeffrey Brown, a veteran journalist for PBS’s NewsHour program; and Sarah Hulett, assistant news director for Michigan Public Radio. Our October show is set to air 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 27 2013. You can also listen to it anytime at the  League’s website or by subscribing to the FREE iTunes podcast. Learn more about the placemaking concept here as well as on this blog.