Two Projects Show How ‘New Urban’ Concepts Can Aide the Motor City

I-375 in downtown Detroit

I-375 in downtown Detroit

The two projects linked below are excellent examples of how rethinking infrastructure deployment in downtowns can have a major impact on an area.

The first link reveals how state and city leaders are studying the possibility of removing a stretch of highway adjacent to downtown Detroit in favor of pedestrian friendly development. It is a great idea that would enhance economic development opportunities, add greenspace and improve quality of life. It can’t happen fast enough, in my opinion.


The Area to be Impacted by the Lid


Details of the Lid

The second link is from our friends at Let’s Save Michigan. They recently held a contest called Highways for Habitats and the winning entry, courtesy of LivingLAB, called for putting a “lid” on a stretch of sunken highway that travels through a vital portion of Detroit’s entertainment district (do you see a pattern here?). The ‘Detroit Lid’, as it is dubbed, would reconnect areas that are divided by the highway and add new development opportunities for the entertainment district and the newly planned arena district. Another great idea.

Keep ’em coming!