Crowdfunding Opportunities in the Mitten State

Michigan is on its way to becoming a small business, start-up mecca in part because of the passage of the state’s new crowdfunding law. Unlike Kickstarter types of campaigns that create a platform for individuals to donate to a project, this law actually allows individuals to invest in businesses and causes similar to how individuals purchase stock in publicly held corporations. In short it is a steroid for entrepreneurs, civic activists and innovators of every type.

The Michigan Municipal League and its partners will be spearheading the efforts to create unique, community-based crowdfunding networks throughout the state. Creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and programming government to support them is a major focus of the League’s Partnership for Place strategy. Check back to the EoP blog for updates.

In the meantime, check out these links (1) (2) for information on strategies for crowdfunding. Your thoughts and ideas on providing for a positive roll-out are welcomed.