Filmmaker Debuts Positive Documentary on Detroit, Invites You to View

Below is an invitation from new filmmaker Anthony Brogdon for you to check out his documentary titled “The Great Detroit”.  The film depicts the positive aspects of the community with over 40 interviews and lots of little known facts. The DVD is only $9.99. You can order it here or at Amazon.

The Great Detroit documentary

Anthony at work

“I am a first time filmmaker, my background includes operating Multi-Business Concepts. The last venture for MBC was as an importer of various imprinted merchandise everything from ink pens, to brief cases, to note pads, to clocks etc. I grew the company from a one man shop working as a distributor for US based wholesalers to two offices one in Detroit and another in Atlanta with over 8 employees. I grew tired of that line of business and decided that writing was my passion. So after years of procrastination I finished my first play “Foot Soldiers”. And, with the confidence that came with the years of being in business, I produced the play and staged it in two local smaller theaters. After that I decided to alter the script into a screen play and shoot for bigger opportunities as a feature length move. But with limited experience I felt that producing a documentary would be a better place to start such an endeavor. Now in search of a topic and after talking with some people who I myself were unhappy with how Detroit was portrayed in the media I felt that a documentary that examined Detroit in a positive light would be my subject. I was introduced to the Michigan Film Office website which had a listing of people who offered various services. I found a camera man who agreed to work with me. I began to write an outline of what topics I wanted to cover, search for people who worked in those areas, invited them to participate and off I went. Well, I had a little capital to work with, marginal success in a crowd funding campaign, plus bigger success with my personal appeal for people to purchase patron ads via my website and 3 years of effort I completed The Great Detroit, It was-It is-It will be. What I hope that people get by watching my film is that Detroit has a rich history, that there’s plenty of great things happening and people who are making it happen and that our future is very bright. I interviewed 55 people to cover a little of everything from how and why the Detroit was founded to how Detroit became a manufacturing powerhouse and not just in automotive, to the history of Motown, Techno and more to our flourishing arts, medical, educational communities to how people are donating time and money to make a difference and more. Couple that with some breathtaking photos of Detroit’s landscape highlighting our riverfront, parks, neighborhoods, and business districts. Plus, noting many little know facts and you have a 74 commercial about Detroit. Now, to give the film some balance there are three comments that site some less than flattering aspects of Detroit. So if at the end a viewer says that Detroit can’t be that great then I’ve done my job because I overpowered them to good material. My plans for the film include theater screenings for which I have had 5 since the film’s release in April but more are scheduled in the fall and not just in the metro Detroit area but statewide, nationally and even internationally, to have meet and greets, etc, to have convenience stores in the downtown and midtown area and museum gifts shops carry the dvd, and a hopefully telecast on PBS and online news sites. I hope that people say ‘this is the finest film ever made about Detroit’.”

You can read more about the film here.

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  • Niels Vanderburg


    is it possible to order the documentary as a download ?