Learning Lessons in Savannah

Savannah, GAI’m here for a couple of days on business. Here is a quick take away.

Cities must be themselves. If you’re an old, southern town blessed with breath taking architecture- Savannah- then play it up for the whole world to see. Cities must own who they are all of the time, or risk becoming caricatures. Savannah obviously gets this as much as anyone. Their rich history is part of the brand and visible in large and small ways from one end of the city to the other- in the benches, railings, signage, public projects and elsewhere. The attention paid to the small details allow the real stars of the show, the city’s many gorgeous 19th Century buildings, to impress even more.

Yet there is still room for progress, which is a key element of their brand, too.

Not every place has assets like Savannah, but all cities must figure out who they are and strive to put their best foot forward. This holds true for rust belt towns, waterfront cities, out-of-the-way places and everybody else.