Great Places, Great Spaces

Campus Martius from my seat on the south lawn

Campus Martius from my seat on the southern edge

I’m spending the day in downtown Detroit. The temperature is 75 degrees and the skies are blue. I’ll save you the written lecture about community resiliency. (You’ll find plenty of that in my past blogs on the site)

Ten years ago Campus Martius was a complete mess and Capitol Park was a deserted urban wasteland. The truth be told, I have lived in and around Detroit for most of my life and I didn’t even know Capitol Park was a thing until a decade or so ago.

The third floor residents common space in the newly renovated Albert on Capitol Park

The third floor residents common space in the newly renovated ‘Albert’ on Capitol Park

Today Campus Martius is an award winning space and the unofficial gathering place for Detroiters of all walks. It is a world class space smack dab in the middle of downtown that any city would love to have within its borders.

Stevens T. Mason

The statue of Michigan’s ‘Boy Governor’ in Capitol Park

Capitol Park is still a few years away from its own 2.0 life, but the energy in the area is palpable and construction teams are working on restoring buildings in every corner of the park. It is truly remarkable and proves that doesn’t take forever to turn a place around.

In the months ahead I’m looking forward to seeing what Capitol Park has in store for Detroit. It has everything that one could ask for: history, location, beautiful architecture and, now, a boundless future.

Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus