Fall is the Perfect Time to Program Open Spaces and Downtowns

As the summer season of events and attractions draws to a close it is important that those who are charged with bringing life to public spaces remain vigilant.

Activating public spaces and downtowns is a year round activity and while summer usually means lots of foot traffic and celebrations, it is just as important to draw crowds after the kids return to school and the leaves begin to change.


Beer always helps

Fall brings shorter lines at the stores, less foot traffic in towns squares and fewer reasons to wander through the city center. Which makes it the perfect time to program activities and special events because, well, they’re needed!

So go ahead and make something happen in your community. Try a new angle, work with different people and have fun. Everybody wins.

Here are two of my favorites.

Skeletons Are Alive in Northville and Pumpkin Palooza in Plymouth