Notes from an Amazing Urban Gathering in Traverse City

2015-283x142-register-nowEarlier this month the Michigan Municipal League held its annual meeting in Traverse City. Home to beautiful views, a bustling downtown and an emerging cultural scene Traverse City was the perfect host for an event that saw experts from across the country share insights into trends and innovative happenings in cities. About 500 local officials from around the state attended. Speakers came from Detroit, Grand Rapids, Miami, New Orleans, Cleveland, DC, Asheville, Gary (IN) and elsewhere. They covered redevelopment trends, cultural successes, transportation policy talent attraction. Participants dined at local food trucks, toured the city on bikes and shared stories at the historic opera house.

If you weren’t one of the fortunate folks who attended you may want to check out the blog page. There are links to presentations, videos of key talks and research pertaining to all things local and urban. You’ll also get a look at a suburban community that transformed an empty big box store into a one-of-kind community asset.

Kudos to the most dedicated and passionate group of people that I know- the MML staff. They made this event a great one and they continue to do important things for communities in Michigan and beyond.