A Young Professional’s Positive Take on Millennials in Michigan

Millennial Generation

Samantha Audia

Samantha Audia is young. She is smart. She is ambitious. And… wait for it… she wants to stay in Michigan for the long haul.

For a state that has lost thousands of young people to places like Chicago and Portland over the last decade, Samantha’s positive outlook on the state feels like a shot in the arm. Check out Samantha’s blog at the League’s placemaking website for insights and impressions on civic issues that matter to her and her peers.

From Samantha’s blog, Those Who Stay Will Be Champions:

“In recent years, staying in Michigan after graduation seemed the less-glamorous, ‘only if I have no other options’ choice for graduates. However, remaining in-state to contribute to Michigan’s ever-developing and increasingly entrepreneurial landscape is becoming a bold, even renegade option for students hoping to make a difference in their own corners of the world.”

“Michigan’s reinvention is key because, on the whole, millennials have been found to value the difference that they can make in their respective localities. Staying in Michigan allows millennials to pursue not only individual success, but to directly affect their changing and growing communities, something essential to their own personal fulfillment.”