Placemaking works, new report asserts

“PSC found significant research connecting these assets to economic prosperity, and that, given the uniqueness of every community, these asset areas are most effective when combined (in part or in total) to match specific communities’ needs.”
Placemaking in Michigan
Public Sector Consultants (PSC) recently released a report titled Creating 21st Century Communities: Making the Economic Case for Place. The report digs into the Michigan’s Municipal League’s own findings about what assets make communities economically viable and healthy.  Our review of successful cities reveals a strong correlation with the following assets:

Chief among their findings is that the data is overwhelming and clear: placemaking works! The authors found significant research that ties the assets to growth in income, property values, educational attainment and new business starts. We’ve know this for years, but reports like these drive the point home.

Give it a read.