Failing Infrastructure Takes a Toll on Communities

I write on infrastructure. I have highlighted its importance to creating and maintaining great cities. And I have bemoaned the job that the state of Michigan does as the main steward of roads, bridges, transit and airports in my state.

Today ain’t gonna change that. Except that I am substituting another person’s work for my own.

A recent post in Bridge Magazine titled, “Michigan’s record on infrastructure: Ignore everything” goes in depth on the subject and details just how bad things are. Roads, bridges, dams, airport, cities- you name it.

It is worth a read. Kudos to Bridge Magazine and author Lindsay VanHulle for the work. If you are looking to find time to read the piece, I suggest the following opportunities:

  • While you’re waiting in a car dealership to have your tire rods replaced from hitting too many pot holes
  • While you’re waiting for a public bus that always comes late
  • When you’re sitting in an airport waiting for “mechanical problems” to be fixed
  • When you’re at a public beach, but unable to swim because outdated stormwater drains contaminated the water
  • While you’re waiting for your computer to load from a poor wireless connection in your downtown

This is kind of fun in a cathartic sort of way. I could do this all day…