Congratulations to Traverse City!

Strong Towns recently named Traverse City, MI as the winner of its ‘Strongest Town 2017’ contest.

Front Street in Traverse City

Here is what Strong towns has to say about #TCMI, who beat out 15 other great communities in the online competition.

“Throughout the contest, we learned about Traverse City’s fun-loving, active population that takes pride in its local businesses and collaboratively addresses challenges. Traverse City stood out as a town where multi-modal transportation is key, where small businesses thrive, and where natural beauty is beloved and prioritized.

While it’s a popular tourist destination, this contest also made clear that Traverse City is alive with activity all year round. Traverse City is meeting challenges like providing affordable housing head-on, with new provisions for accessory dwelling units, decreasing building and parking regulations, and encouraging creative development styles.”

Strong Towns is a great organization and Traverse city is a great choice for 2017.