Alley 2

What works at the human scale?



Brevard Court on a chilly autumn day

What makes this alley in Charlotte such a great public space?

Lodged between a park and a commercial arcade, Brevard Court provides a unique respite in an otherwise flavorless downtown.  It is human scale, accessible, interesting and energetic. People and their experiences are valued over cars. You can walk, work, eat, sit, talk, people watch… whatever floats your boat.

The coffee and work crowds arrive early. Then come the merchants. Then the lunch hour rush.  The afternoon brings kids and families and the dinner crowd arrives later. A few craft beet drinkers stay late.

Rinse and repeat the next day.

The Project for Public Spaces advocates for something they call the Power of 10. The principle states that to sustain a great place within s city you need 10 places to go in the area and 10 things to do once you get there. In Brevard Court it is easy to count them.

Why do you think this place works? If you have a chance to jot down your thoughts, let me know.