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The Prosperity Agenda: Crowdfunding Efforts Helping To Move Michigan Forward

Could crowdfunding be the wave of the future in Michigan’s communities? We think the answer is yes. Crowdfunding, in essence, takes the tools of Wall Street to the local level in a way in which everyone can use and benefit. … Continue reading

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Is Your City (or Village) a Strong One?

So, this is brilliant. And simple. Below is the Strong Towns Strength Test . From the blog… “We understand that cities are complex, adaptable systems that defy easy or precise measurement, so we asked ourselves: are there simple observations we … Continue reading

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Small Communities, Big Success Stories

Communities are a lot like people. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are healthy and wealthy; others are struggling just to stay alive. Also—just like people—bigger isn’t always better. Yuri Gagarin, the first person to travel in space, … Continue reading

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Why Is Placemaking Important?

Below is an excerpt from the new book Economics of Place: The Art of Building Great Communities: Why Placemaking? Placemaking, at its core, is a response. It follows in the long tradition of humanist reactions to systems that come to … Continue reading

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