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The Prosperity Agenda: Farmers Markets Helping Michigan’s Communities, Economy

Farmers markets have existed in Michigan for more than a 100 years, but are now experiencing a resurgence by more than doubling in numbers in the last decade. They are great places to buy fresh produce and meet-up with friends … Continue reading

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Lean Urbanism- Can it Improve Cities?

Lean Urbanism is a hot topic in city circles these days. Billed as everything form a savior of failing cities to an economic stimulant for small business, the focus of lean urbanism is to rid cities, districts and neighborhoods of … Continue reading

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Congress for the New Urbanism Zeros in on Motown in New Video

“You know there’s still a part of this city that no one’s really ever going to truly get.” The following video profiles a few of my new urbanist friends and tells the story about what is happening on the ground … Continue reading

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Learning Lessons in Savannah

I’m here for a couple of days on business. Here is a quick take away. Cities must be themselves. If you’re an old, southern town blessed with breath taking architecture- Savannah- then play it up for the whole world to … Continue reading

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