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The Prosperity Agenda: Revenue Sharing and the Importance of Investing in Communities

Most people should already be familiar with the fact that Michigan’s cities have battled tremendous financial cutbacks in recent years, due in large part to how the state has diverted $6.2 billion in revenue sharing away from our communities since … Continue reading

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Return of the Rust Belt Dreamers

Ambition is the germ from which all growth of nobleness proceeds. – Oscar Wilde If asked to choose one word to define the passion behind my undying and, at times, manic affection for large Midwestern cities I could answer it … Continue reading

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The Prosperity Agenda: Crowdfunding, Local Stock Exchanges Could be Game-Changer for Michigan

Imagine this situation: You walk into your favorite restaurant, in your favorite downtown on a Friday night and the place is packed. There’s an hour wait to get a table and your mouth waters in anticipation of what you’re seeing … Continue reading

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ATTN Urbanists: I’m Heading to Adelaide and Sydney Soon

I’ll be in Adelaide at the invitation of ‘MainstreetSA’ to keynote their annual conference (really excited about that) and then hanging out for a while. I’m heading to Sydney for three days as well. Recommendations on what I should check … Continue reading

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How Michigan Can Be On Forefront Of Crowdfunding: From the Detroit News

Here is an op-ed of mine that appears in today’s Detroit News about the opportunities coming to Michigan with our new first-of-its-kind crowdfunding law. The piece also looks at the potential for Michigan in the areas of local stock exchanges … Continue reading

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