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The Prosperity Agenda: Striving for a Welcoming & Diverse Michigan

America is a country with people from many different backgrounds and cultures, all living in one sometimes messy democracy. How cities approach their mix of residents can have major repercussions, especially when the issues involve race relations and religious differences.  … Continue reading

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The Prosperity Agenda: These Communities Should Be Made for Walking

Walking in many cities means using sidewalks to get to the mailbox or corner store, but only after crossing numerous streets and dodging inattentive motorists. Riding a bike on crowded roads can be unsafe and nerve-wracking. It’s a lot different … Continue reading

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Fall is the Perfect Time to Program Open Spaces and Downtowns

As the summer season of events and attractions draws to a close it is important that those who are charged with bringing life to public spaces remain vigilant. Activating public spaces and downtowns is a year round activity and while … Continue reading

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The Prosperity Agenda: PlacePlans Providing Roadmap for Michigan Communities

Placemaking is a dynamic, strategic approach to community development and economic revitalization. Based on an individual community’s strengths, it capitalizes on the distinctive aspects of a community and creates a variety of uses that bring people and places together. Through … Continue reading

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