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The Prosperity Agenda: Striving for a Welcoming & Diverse Michigan

America is a country with people from many different backgrounds and cultures, all living in one sometimes messy democracy. How cities approach their mix of residents can have major repercussions, especially when the issues involve race relations and religious differences.  … Continue reading

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Infrastructure Spending and the Psychology of Previous Investment

My state’s infrastructure is appalling. It is outdated. It is poorly maintained. Some of it is downright dangerous. I have heard it said that we are teaching our kids to learn in schools constructed by Roosevelt and we drive them … Continue reading

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Congress for the New Urbanism Zeros in on Motown in New Video

“You know there’s still a part of this city that no one’s really ever going to truly get.” The following video profiles a few of my new urbanist friends and tells the story about what is happening on the ground … Continue reading

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Put this sign (and others like it) on the “Not-to-do” list for public spaces

We’re dreaming of palm trees and sunshine in wintry Michigan. This sign doesn’t help, though. #NoFunZone

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