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ATTN Urbanists: I’m Heading to Adelaide and Sydney Soon

I’ll be in Adelaide at the invitation of ‘MainstreetSA’ to keynote their annual conference (really excited about that) and then hanging out for a while. I’m heading to Sydney for three days as well. Recommendations on what I should check … Continue reading

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Engaged Communities A Key to Long-Term Economic Success

In Michigan we are in the process of reinventing ourselves. Once the premiere manufacturing hub of the western hemisphere, Michigan has struggled in recent decades with a weakened economy associated with de-industrialization and the corresponding shrinking of our cities. The … Continue reading

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A Theme for A New Book. Whaddya think?

Placemaking is, at its roots, a response. A response to a modern pattern of city building that does not properly value the everyday experiences of people.

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Frozen Places

Things here in the Great Lakes State are on hold a bit with the unbelievably vicious weather. The snow is being registered in feet, not inches. The cold is being measured in units below Zero. In many cases, wwwaaayyy below … Continue reading

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