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People and Cities

“First life, then spaces, then buildings – the other way around never works.” -Jan Gehl This quote got me thinking. How many times do we as city advocates hang our hats on a shiny new development as a means to … Continue reading

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Tough Love for Architects in Charleston- and Lessons for the Rest of Us

I recently came across an enjoyable blog called Buildings are Cool by architect Steve Ramos. In his most recent post Steve covered the hurricane-like effect that Andres Duany recently brought to Charleston. Duany is a world renowned ‘new urbanist’ Architect.  … Continue reading

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Return of the Rust Belt Dreamers

Ambition is the germ from which all growth of nobleness proceeds. – Oscar Wilde If asked to choose one word to define the passion behind my undying and, at times, manic affection for large Midwestern cities I could answer it … Continue reading

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