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League’s New Book to Highlight Local Placemaking Successes, People Behind Them

As a follow-up to the successful Economics of Place: The Importance of Building Communities Around People, the Michigan Municipal League will release a new book in September detailing some incredible placemaking projects in the state. The book highlights individual successes … Continue reading

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We’re Not Dead, We’re Just Pacing Ourselves

Can we please stop declaring places dead? As a Detroit native- declared by many observers to be dead- it irks me to no end. As someone who works everyday with the cities of Flint (also declared dead), Lansing (mostly dead), … Continue reading

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Changing the Structural Neglect of Local Governments

“We are still driving on Eisenhower’s roads and sending our kids to Roosevelt’s schools.” – American Society of Civil Engineers President Blaine Leonard, 2010 Cities aren’t static. They are living, breathing places that require constant monitoring to flourish. It’s what … Continue reading

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