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Farmers Markets: Highly Visible and Hugely Popular Once Again

Which came first, the city or the farmers market? Like the proverbial chicken and egg, I’m not sure there is a right answer. You really can’t separate the two. The existence of one pretty much requires the other. Here’s what … Continue reading

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Progress in the Mitten State

Yesterday a bi-partisan group of over 20 state legislators accepted the Michigan Municipal League’s invitation to meet at Quicken Loans HQ in downtown Detroit to discuss talent and place. Noted economist Joe Cortwright detailed the linkages between talent attraction and … Continue reading

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Placing Local Government on the Talent Agenda

I often boast about my talented colleagues at the League and the inspiring work they do. This post about attracting young, talented people to careers in local government is from Jessica Reed. Jessica is one of those young, talented people … Continue reading

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Heritage Hill in Grand Rapids, A Great Urban Place

A colleague of mine recently authored a blog on the Heritage Hill neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Richard Murphy, or “Murph” to his friends, goes into great detail on the important urban elements that make Heritage Hill a jewel in … Continue reading

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